Scott Henderson - Customer Flow Mobile
Scott Henderson: Husband, Father and Founder of Customer Flow Mobile

“With more than half of all local online searches being carried out on a mobile device, can you really afford to not  be mobile friendly?”

Welcome to Customer Flow Mobile.  They say that, “a rising tide lifts all boats” – well it does if they are in the water!

The speed and the scale of change in the way that people today access and use the internet is truly a ‘rising tide’ opportunity for all businesses.  Provided, of course, that they have ‘their boats in the water’  – that they are embracing these changes by becoming ‘mobile-friendly’ businesses.

At Customer Flow Mobile we are passionate about two things; local business and mobile media.  The services that we offer give us the opportunity to put our passion and expertise to the best possible use…

… helping local business owners to get the most out of the fantastic opportunities born from the explosive growth in the every day use of mobile technologies  – and to benefit from the inexorable rise of the ‘mobile consumer’.

Your market place is going mobile – its moving over to the mobile web – and we’re here to help you to keep-up and stay-up with these changes… to get and stay mobile-friendly.

So, what is it that we actually do?

We help local business owners to:

  • Get more customers
  • Get more more repeat business and ‘word of mouth’ promotion from their existing customers.

…and how do we do that?

We help you to:

  • Become findable and accessible on the mobile web
  • Devise strategies and messages designed to attract mobile users to your business
  • Implement campaigns designed to convert mobile users into telephone enquiries, bookings, foot-fall and sales.

What does that involve?

We build and manage:

  • Websites designed for the needs of visitors who are using mobile phones and tablet PC’s
  • Applications (Apps) designed to inform and/or entertain your target audiences
  • Mobile messaging campaigns (SMS Text and Push Notification) and mobile advertising campaigns.

How we can help you?

Give us a call on 07768 781 026 and…

  • If you have any questions or queries about Mobile Marketing we’ll be happy to answer them.
  • When you decide that you want to explore things a little further, we can discuss what you are doing now to market your business
  • From there we can establish what, if any, opportunities there are for your business to use Mobile Media for commercial or brand advantage 
  • If we agree that there is sufficient opportunity, we will prepare a proposal for you – and together, we’ll take things forward from there.