The ‘Glasgow’s Most Talked About Restaurants’ report

Current report 17-08-14

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We’ve noticed that the ‘most talked about’ can change quite radically over the space of a couple of weeks. So, are currently updating this report on a monthly basis to keep everything current.
Glasgows most talked about restaurants - illustration

So what is this “Glasgow’s Most Talked About Restaurants” all about?

Well, we are building a mobile App aimed at folk who like to dine out in Glasgow and we wanted to find out which restaurants we should include in the directory section. We all know how important word of mouth is so we carried out some research to find out which of Glasgow’s restaurants are the most ‘talked about’. The report (and archives) show what we have found.

The report focuses on three things

  • “Talking About” which is a measure of the page’s current popularity,
  • “Rank Verses” which tracks the movement of a page since the last report was run and
  • “Engagement” a measure of how successful a page is in getting their fan base involved in spreading their content across Facebook.

Here are some details about the information we have used

  • The results are derived from data provided by Facebook for each Facebook page on the date that we run the survey.
  • We include Facebook Pages where the page owner has identified the page category as ‘Restaurant’ or has included the word “Restaurant” in the page title.  Also, the page has to represent an actual restaurant business in Glasgow.  Community Pages are not included.
  • Pages for inclusion are found by entering the search term “restaurant glasgow” in the Facebook search bar.

For any questions or queries about this report please contact Scott Henderson on email: Scott.Henderson[at]CustomerFlowMobile.com or Call: 07768 781 026.

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