“It is so maddening when customers leave awful, negative reviews on TripAdvisor. Especially when they could have given you the opportunity to put things right!”

TripAdvisor doesn’t give help much either. They make it very difficult (almost impossible) to have bad or dishonest reviews cancelled.

When a popular and well-respected Edinburgh restaurant suffered from reputational damage in a way that they hadn’t anticipated, they contacted us to see if we could help…

“They had run a special promotion with a multinational brand… it devastated their ranking on TripAdvisor, and this is what they did to recover…

Reputation Recovery Case Study


Sector: Restaurant

Location: Edinburgh

Review Site:

Issue: ‘Spike’ in negative reviews


No. of reviews: + 160%

Average rating: + 0.5 Stars

Time taken: 2 weeks

Method: Mobile Reputation Web App

Web App Summary

WebAppSummary: It provides genuine social proof for your business, protection from bad reviews, fast results, low cost and low risk and easy to implement.


This client is a long established and well regarded Edinburgh restaurant that enjoyed a high rank in until they ran a ‘Deal of the day’ type promotion through a well known daily deals website.

On top of the revenue cost, the drop in customer quality also proved expensive to the restaurant’s formerly excellent online reputation. They were left in a position where they needed to repair their good standing as quickly as possible.

Their existing rate of organic reviews on would have eventually repaired the damage. The problem was that it would take a long time to repair the big hit they had taken. They would end up looking bad for a long time. They needed a quicker solution.

So, they decided to try out the Mobile Reputation Web App and use it to encourage a larger proportion of their happy customers to post reviews.


  • Using the App, the client has significantly accelerated the rate of genuine customer reviews being posted on
  • They have had no bad reviews and their average star rating (out of 5) has been raised like-for-like by 0.5 stars… clearly their online reputation is being repaired and in a way that is controlled by the restaurant manager.
  • They feel that the results from their trial were more than worth the small investment to keep using the Web App. They paid a modest set up fee and their ongoing app hosting costs less than £5.00* per week.
  • They have since recommended the Mobile Reputation Web App to their sister restaurant in Glasgow. ​

*Pre-launch special pricing

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